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 Having recently joined THE MOCAP AGENCY, Jami is working more and more in the world of Motion Capture ( Mocap ) and Performance Capture ( P-Cap ) bringing together his skills as an actor and physical performer.

Jami has just worked on undisclosed projects for FRAMESTORE, CENTROID 3D and is currently a movement consultant for BAFTA Award winning Games Creator NO CODE STUDIO    

With his background in Acting, Mime, Aerial Circus, Combat and Stunts,   Jami brings a robust and articulate athleticism to the Mocap volume. He is strong on quadrupedal work and has a mercurial physicality and voice perfectly suited to performance capture. 

His understanding of stage and screen combat and contact dance gives him a great edge with hand to hand combat and weaponry.

As a talented aerialist,  he is very comfortable at height and with great control can bring to life different ideas from martial art wire work to magical effects such as walking on air, floating or flying at great speed.

Jami is also known for his vocal character versatility and musical abilities and his movement direction on screen and stage for such names as Sir Trevor Nunn and Lewis Hamilton.  see Voiceover page

A strong all round performer, Jami brings a vibrant, creative and positive energy to every project.  

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