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Mel Harris  Sparklab Productions

"Jami worked with us on an audio installation piece for the

Jersey Museum and Art Gallery. He was great to have on board! Professional, hard working and fluent in French - which was just what we needed. "


Louis Barrabas  Composer/Producer

" Being aware of Jami's work on Doctor Who, I knew he would be perfect for a larger than life character in my studio project Jocasta - a Musical Tragedy which required a specific sing-speak approach.  He was an absolute joy to work with, full of ideas and great with taking direction, happily exploring multiple versions of the same moment. His ability to vocally transform brought an exciting energy to the project whilst his natural positivity and professionalism provided a huge boost to the whole recording process. "

Alejandra Serra, Animation Director

" Jami narrated my short animation film CHAOS: A Fish Tale and was a real pleasure to work with in the studio. I had a feeling that a specific London dialect was the right sound for the narrator of the piece and Jami delivered it just how I had conceived - a fantastic asset to any VoiceOver project. "

Elaine Jones   Author

" I first came across Jami as a singer and loved the celtic tones of his speaking voice so much that I asked if he would record the audiobook version of Follow Your Heart, my first book of poetry and short stories.  I couldn't have been happier with the results. "


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