Jami's native Scottish accent has a naturally relaxed and amiable tone,  bringing a friendly feel and a tone of solid integrity.   Key characteristics:  Authentic, Warm, Intelligent  He is also a fluent French and Spanish speaker. and his vocal versatility is on show here on his new character reel above as well as on 2 songs for Louis Barabbas' JOCASTA - A Musical Tragedy 


"Being aware of Jami's work on Doctor Who, I knew he would be the right casting for a larger than life character in my studio project Jocasta - a Musical Tragedy which required a specific sing-speak approach.  He was an absolute joy to work with, full of ideas and happily exploring multiple versions of the same moment. His ability to vocally transform brought an exciting energy to the recording process whilst his natural positivity and professionalism provided a huge boost to the whole project" Louis Barrabas  Composer/Producer




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CHAOS ( A Fish Tale )        

Jami narrates this award winning animated short film.